Please protect yourself/Wealth ASAP.

I would urge everyone to learn finance, to learn currency or investment. If you think you can ignore it, just wait and then the situation will be getting better. Then you are definitely under a very high risk. From 2012 Jan to 2012 April, there will be around 0.84T bond mature within the euro zone. (not include the british) At that time, even the German may have problems to raising debt. In fact, as per the Bank of International Settlement statistics data in 2010, the German debt is $ 2,446b which is 83% her own GDP. And the France debt is $ 1,762 which is only 82% of her own GDP. Actually, the German is in deeper debt compared with the France.

The fire may spread to German finally and once the clock steps into to 2012. We are going to have many count down parties for Euro-zone members’ debts maturity and there will be some entities default for sure. It doesn’t make sense to ask ECB to save those countries as the ECB is backup by those trouble countries’ credit. In fact, France is burning now as i just discovered that her 10 years bond yield rose 7.56% yesterday, a single trading day only. (

Ask yourself, did you see someone in your history who borrowed a huge amount of money and enjoyed life for 10 years. Suddenly worked very hard, cut all the expense and repaid the debt? And finally he/she became a very wealthy person? I think it never happen and most of the cases are that guys couldn’t borrow anymore and went default. Remember, this crises are not created by asset bubble/overbuy/oversell. There will be no “clock overshoot/mean reverse” effect.

Do you feel very strange that why there are no bailout planning come out lately? Last year, for Ireland/Greece crises, IMF/ECB were proactively to setup bailout plan and organised meetings. To be honest, you know the answer too. There is no possible bailout plan for saving France/Italy/Spanish.

Please keep gold, rmb, hkd, short euro currency, short euro stock market. Don’t step into any stock market and keep learning the financial knowledge. I would say, the worst action at the moment is “NO ACTION”.