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In the night before thanksgiving 2011. Amgen decided to drop a bomb on the biosimilar companies – We extent the patent for 17 years.

Most of the biosimilar companies already have put a lot of money into this drug, and I hope they will have a back up plan. I think most of them will take the approach of pull the trigger first, and the question later. Alternatively,  they freeze down their cell line, and just wait till 2028.

The IN VIVO Blog: Hopes Dashed For Biosimilar Enbrel?

The IN VIVO Blog: Hopes Dashed For Biosimilar Enbrel?.


Chris Evan have a great idea…. No, no, no, not Captain america. Chris Evans is introducing the new Pharma model.

The new model ask big pharma give them pre-clinic drug candidates for Chris Evans company to take it through clinic. Advantage of that have 2 fold
1. Consolidation for cost saving
2. Better Knowledge Management – Learn from failure, no more hush hush between pharma!

 More consolidation is coming. If you are in Pharma R&D, fasten your seat belt because more lay off is coming. What NC pharma will do is to consolidate all the clinical trial study into one company. Hence, more efficiency and cast saving. Great concept, let hope it will work!

So according to this article. ROUGH SEX lead to

1. male sperm is most important

2. less sex because of pregnancy

3. females live shorter and less likely to reproduce.

Oh, wait… it is not for human, just for bed bug. According to the articles, male will stap the female with his “sword” like penis to inseminate the female since they don’t have vagina.  Wow, that’s some tough love with rough sex.

This kind of behavior, I wonder why didn’t evolution take care of it.


Yup. The most arousal pron for women is ….. yup….. the regular porn!

Yes. it is, of course you would expected that. So this study show that women get turn on the most by pain old sex! Here is the table for the porn that were used in the study.

Themes of film clips N=90 %
Male on female sex position 34 0.38
Female on male sex position 20 0.22
Female on female sex position 5 0.06
Male on male sex position 5 0.06
Two females and one male 4 0.04
Two males and one female 16 0.18
Group sex 8 0.09
Race other than Caucasian 6 0.07
Vaginal intercourse 47 0.52
Missionary position 19 0.21
Rear-entry intercourse 25 0.28
Fellatio 27 0.3
Cunnilingus 14 0.16
Anal sex 11 0.12
Partner masturbation 19 0.21
Self-masturbation 14 0.16
Bondage 5 0.06
Outdoors scene 18 0.2

as you can see. almost 50% of the porn are virginal sex. So, by random chance, most women will pick it as “arousal”. I think the sampling of this study should be more “fair” meaning that the porns need to be equally represented.



well… Almost! Here is how you can curve HIV

For people who went to secondary school with me, you know I suggested this therapy in secondary school to Mrs Wong. Well, of course my concept was a little off since I was thinking that you can give the leukemia cell to HIV patients to reach equilibrium. Not that the patient will be cured, but he will not let the HIV kill the white blood cells. Come on, I was 16. So, how is Magic going to die now?

If you are a female. According to “scientists” from Université de Bretagne-Sud, it is a captain obvious’ experiment. The result is too obvious. Out of 120 boys and girls, only 1 girls to say “yes, let’s do it!”. Almost NONE of the boys say “No”. Wow. I thought guys will have some standard!

Anyway, one of the contributing factor to the NO from girls could be “the not so fresh days”. Sine woman “bleed” about 25% of the time, that mean 25% of them will say no anyway. Adding the PMS days, of course there are more girls will say no. Author should really mention that in discussion.

But the most obvious reason for the result: Men are just more slutty.



So you see, this study show that is just easier to sit down and poop.

So, the study is…. well rather entertaining. The worst part are the participant who have some foreign object to be insert into the rectum.

What I have to say about this study is that the authors did not account for gravity to pull the “artificial poop” out. This gravity pull of course can make the “explusion” faster and more frequency. This kind of variable is easy to miss in study. So, scientist really need to put in as much control as possible to make the study sounds.




Is it even posible? Not really according to his paper

This study is really interesting. As you see, “In 457 (96.2%) displaced intertrochanteric fractures and in 221 (93.2%) displaced subcapital fractures, radiological shadow of the penis was turned to the fractured side (c2 = 17.1, P<0.01). ” So statistically speaking,  the penis is located at the fractured side during x-ray.

I am so glad the author did not concule that “the weight of the penis lead to the fracture”. If you read some of the omic studies, you see that many authers will see the side effect as cause.

So, when we are doing statistiscally analysis on data that show good correlation, you are just observing 2 events occur concurrently with high probability. It have nothing to do with the cause and effect.

Ok, look at this paper. I am guess that Dr. MM Tai is getting paid about about high 200Ks.

The model discribed here is the basic concept of intergral. so, Dr Tai just take it striaght out of text book. I don’t really care he sleep through his undergrad and get into med school. The worse part, all the reviewers are let him published the paper. Seriously, does all these MD deserve the paid?


That is what the study said. Well, in bats anyway.

They also provide hypothesis on why bats lick the male penis during sex

It is a pretty funny paper.

Anyway, the indication I see is that it could be a way to explore sexual arousal in mammals. If the licking can actually prevent sexual disease, we need to found out why?