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Cell culture jobs in china


Again, number is out. ROI R&D = 12%.

DOW this year ROI =0%

I know all the pharma are laying off R&D. And I don’t blame them, you will want any of your investment at 20%. R&D is probably the most in efficient group in the organization.  2 Way to get better, R&D staff need better business sense, and need to be lean.

Romeny is getting kill for his issue shifting .


When I study my MBA, a newest strategy I learn is improv, meaning you react to the situation when new thing come up through practice. I really don’t understand why he is getting kill for it. When there is new information, you change your strategy according to it.

Obama didn’t do that. He try to push through the healthcare program while the economy is bad. Bad decision. A decision based on vote, not the right things to do.

Clinton let Hilary propose the healthcare, then get killed. A smart way to say I try, but failed.

So, I hope people will understand who will be best to help the county to be competitive.


R&D Challenge

Another Layoff of R&D from Sanofi…..

R&D Staff, I challenge you to create value to the company innovatively!

Last couple years, VC money have been taken away from BIOTECH because of Internet 2.0 bloom. But without a good barrier of entry, internet companies, like, cannot be a good long term investment.

Scientists are beeing tried for not predicting earthqucik.

This is just radiculus. This is somewhat similar to burning scientists who claim the word is round. It doesn’t matter what science predict. It is just a chance. So, if scientists got in trouble for not predict something, how about the study said cigarrate are good etc. Instead of wasting money on the case, the government should give the scientist more money to get a better “prediction”.

Here, Luke discribed a new Biotech investment model. Well, I hate to said it is really not anything new. If you look into any Start Plan book, you will see that licensing is always a option for competition.

The compromised win-win couch!!!

My Church (The Great LDS) believe that family is Central to the creator’s plan. And we believe that a marriage is not 50/50, but 100/100. That means each couple to give 100% to the other. So while I see that Novartis cuts cost to keep R&D, and while Pfizer want to cut more R&D spending. I feel like it is a Mormon way to do business moment.

So, let role playing a little

R&D: Wife
Profit Producing Parts of the Company: Husband
Company Growth (New Project/Product Development): Kids

Wife: I really want a Modular Couch, it cost $500.
Husband: You can but you have to cut kids gymnastic class for the couch?
Wife: Ok, let’s cut it!!!
Husband: WTF??? Seriously? We don’t have the money!!!
Wife: We go tons in the bank.
Husband: They are not for couches, it is for investment and kids college.
Wife (Crying at this point): we cannot spend money around here. We need sitting space!!!
Husband: WTF? Are we fighting for $500? Spend it if you want…. But check out other options…. And save money!!!!

Months later, and after many more flights. They agree on a couch cost $180.

As a husband, I really don’t understand how the couch will benefit the family (well, not directly anyway). Since my wife really wants it, she must have her reasons. Since I am sure her intention is to make a better home for the kids, I let her do what she do best, well with restriction.

Now, replace the family with the company. The point is that R&D had always be thought as the revenue drain. I think sometime “housand” forget the R&D have the most influence on the company’s long term grow, and the wife forget their saving can help other needs for the company.

So a marriage to work, you just have to compromise, and come up with a innovative solution to benefit both.

I recently finished a season of fantasy football. I won the league.  I previously said that fantasy football is a good networking tool . I am in the league with VP of R&D and couple Principal and Senior Scientists. We had fun and we got to know each other a little better. But what I really like is that we got something to talk about other than work. We can have a conversation every Monday. On this white paper, the author argue that Fantasy football is good for work place. when I scan through it, I saw that it said it enhance loyalty. I must said, every time a head hunter asked me to apply for a job, I really have the thought of not able to play fantasy football next year. But it is a very small factor to consider.

Fantasy football is becoming a very big industry that I think people really new to start thinking about how to use it for marketing etc.



Fantazzle Fantasy Sports: Fantasy Football is not a Workplace Distraction

Where is my Mankiw?


Pretty good stuff. Mankiw does have a pretty good sense of humur.