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The market is so overextended now. Even though it is a up trend, I am not going to enter a lot of position into the long.

Here are couple stock pick for this week.  Check out the STO. I just feel like we need some strong consolidation days to make the market healthy.

Symbols from TC2000

I have post tons of articles from my friend Terry. Now I look at EUO he recommend, and yes, EUO is now buyable, it just go pull back to 20 EMA on the weekly chart. Target @ $20, Stop @ $17. 

Game Plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow, If stock go up, that mean today’s action is a pull back. Enter the following action

If it go down, it could mean short the market.

I am looking into REDF today. Seeing it at 10%. Well, sit around. By the time it close, it is up 45%. I want to puked. But no chasing here. I didn’t lose. Just keeping the profit.

Correction comming. QE3?

My watch list are now have no action. I am at lost right now, but I change my strategy to longer term. Meaning that I expect a quick bounce from the market. and then it will be have a correction soon because most of the MACD are now below 0.

via dji – Weekly Candlesticks.

Long Term in Dow is not there yes. but it is closing. SPY is already established down trend in weekly. Why did Mac is calling for bull? I am not sure he is right on this call. Short term wise, we can still play couple entry since I don’t see a clear up trend like Mac.

^DJI 0 0
^GSPC 0 0
SIAL goods 65.42
SGMO no 7.84
brnc 1 10.82
hgr 0 25.6
SNCR 0 33.77
mspd 0 8.18
KND 0 24.93
IRDM 0 9.07
BOOM 1 26.71
CHS 1 14.91
WTW 1 74.59
IOSP 1 33.19
TYPE 1 13.51
GRM 1 21.66
EWH 1  

DJI is now ready to switch.

Long term DJI is already turn. So, it is not wired it will be running at the top for couple week. I look back, it doesn’t happen. So, I am betting that the down trend have higher possiblity than up.

Here is this week’s pick

  Weely Entry Price
OK 64.33
brnc good 10.49
hgr no  
SNCR no  
mspd no  
KND no  
IRDM no  
BOOM ok 26.61
CHS ok 14.89
WTW ok 72.51
IOSP good 32.21
TYPE ok 13.72
GRM ok 19.72
EWH ok 19.36

Pull and Push

The down trend stop or pluse. up trend have not started. it is a good time to move in and out for quick profit. just set stop right tight

here are some potential

Symbol Qty. Buy price comm. High Low  
^DJI 0 0 0 0 0
^GSPC 0 0 0 0 0
SIAL 0 63.60 0 0 0
SGMO 0 7.84 0 0 0
brnc 01 10.42 0 0 0
hgr 01 026.28 0 0 0
SNCR 0 33.770 0 0 0
mspd 01 8.18 0 0 0
KND 0 24.93 0 0 0
IRDM 0 9.070 0 0 0
BOOM 01 25.05 0 0 0
CHS 1 14.02 0 0 0
WTW 01 63.36 0 0 0
IOSP 01 28.84 0 0 0
TYPE 01 13.63 0 0 0
GRM 01 17.06 0 0 0
EWH 0 0 0 0 0

via $INDU – Weekly Candlesticks.

A Collection of Tools for Cell Culture.


Biologics are becoming more and more mainstream. Also, stem cells are also could become a very big industry as well.

Oops. gambling lost



via $INDU – Daily Candlesticks.

I enter DXD yesterday and was hoping for some short term gain. Well, I got stop put today with 3% lost. I should not gamble. I should read the chart. I am looking at other stock for possible set up. But at this point, I would say just stay aside for now. I never make any moneywith these ETFs



via $INDU – Daily Candlesticks.

Market Drop and then volume slightly increase. I ti snot a clear distribution day but it is good enough for some action. Tomorrow, we should put in some short position. The market is really weak right now. i think stick to short will give you a quick profit. I don’t see it moving higher from here. what i learn is that i didn’t chase the rally since i am not sure when it is going to drop. it turn out to be a good thing.