By my boy Terry. I agree with him. We are looking at a long term inflation risk. But until then, buy your houses.

We are living in the Currency war age.

It is the powerpoint presentation from the Bank of England. It is for convincing the British citizens to accept print extra 170 billions pounds this month.

If you go to dig out the swiss national bank (Central bank of swissland) M2 statistic, you will find that the bank print extra 82% money in order to control the swiss frank appreciation in Aug 2011.

The Euro leaders consider to print/inject extra 2 Trillions Eur to the EFSF fund pool this Sunday in order to bailout the banking system.

The above printing will force the USD to appreciate indirectly. The fed will not allow this and there will be another round QE in US soon.

It is going to have disaster inflation. Be prepared. Hold tight with your GOLD.