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Ok, look at this paper. I am guess that Dr. MM Tai is getting paid about about high 200Ks.

The model discribed here is the basic concept of intergral. so, Dr Tai just take it striaght out of text book. I don’t really care he sleep through his undergrad and get into med school. The worse part, all the reviewers are let him published the paper. Seriously, does all these MD deserve the paid?



That is what the study said. Well, in bats anyway.

They also provide hypothesis on why bats lick the male penis during sex

It is a pretty funny paper.

Anyway, the indication I see is that it could be a way to explore sexual arousal in mammals. If the licking can actually prevent sexual disease, we need to found out why?

Scientists are beeing tried for not predicting earthqucik.

This is just radiculus. This is somewhat similar to burning scientists who claim the word is round. It doesn’t matter what science predict. It is just a chance. So, if scientists got in trouble for not predict something, how about the study said cigarrate are good etc. Instead of wasting money on the case, the government should give the scientist more money to get a better “prediction”.

This is totally cool!

For long time, biologics have hard time to go through BBB. Now, that they show it can. It open all the door for more theraputics for Neurodegenerative disease.

Here, Luke discribed a new Biotech investment model. Well, I hate to said it is really not anything new. If you look into any Start Plan book, you will see that licensing is always a option for competition.