The compromised win-win couch!!!

My Church (The Great LDS) believe that family is Central to the creator’s plan. And we believe that a marriage is not 50/50, but 100/100. That means each couple to give 100% to the other. So while I see that Novartis cuts cost to keep R&D, and while Pfizer want to cut more R&D spending. I feel like it is a Mormon way to do business moment.

So, let role playing a little

R&D: Wife
Profit Producing Parts of the Company: Husband
Company Growth (New Project/Product Development): Kids

Wife: I really want a Modular Couch, it cost $500.
Husband: You can but you have to cut kids gymnastic class for the couch?
Wife: Ok, let’s cut it!!!
Husband: WTF??? Seriously? We don’t have the money!!!
Wife: We go tons in the bank.
Husband: They are not for couches, it is for investment and kids college.
Wife (Crying at this point): we cannot spend money around here. We need sitting space!!!
Husband: WTF? Are we fighting for $500? Spend it if you want…. But check out other options…. And save money!!!!

Months later, and after many more flights. They agree on a couch cost $180.

As a husband, I really don’t understand how the couch will benefit the family (well, not directly anyway). Since my wife really wants it, she must have her reasons. Since I am sure her intention is to make a better home for the kids, I let her do what she do best, well with restriction.

Now, replace the family with the company. The point is that R&D had always be thought as the revenue drain. I think sometime “housand” forget the R&D have the most influence on the company’s long term grow, and the wife forget their saving can help other needs for the company.

So a marriage to work, you just have to compromise, and come up with a innovative solution to benefit both.