via $INDU – Daily Candlesticks.

Tuesday is a accumulation day with DOW go up with volume increase. This accumulation pretty much tell the friday section to stick it! And then, today, it is a flat with volume flat. So there is no clear signal on whether it is bull or bear. So, on monday, I thought the chance for a bear turn this week was about 80%, now it is down to 60%. Also, i think the down turn will be a little bit slow. Mac have a good piece on comparing this market to April.

I am looking at the market right now and still think it is over extended. but it doesn’t matter since the MACD weekly is still not closing. I am looking.


I don’t have a watch list right now. Just remind cash. I think I will wait for short ETF. But the problem for me is that I did that in April and end up missing quite a bit. so, if you want get in, just set your stop really tight