via $INDU – Daily Candlesticks.


Dow end up closed this week down about 1.8%. That is a healthy consolidation as long as it bounce back next week. If not, there will be more down days. Dow is not at its 20EMA which is critical resistance for short term.

On Friday, I was on the computer quite a bit, so I can monitor the market well. SMTX went up to 2.3% in the morning while the broad market was down. I see the borad market is in down trend and the daily chart is also in down term. So, I decided to sell them when I was up 1%. I still down about 1%. My bigger mistake was that I try to buy it and “hoping” it will go back up. What I should do is that if I got stop out, I should wait to see why I got stop out. Again, it is an expensive lesson.

SO, don’t listen to your peer, just listen to your experience.