via $INDU – Daily Candlesticks.

Today, Dow go down hard and everything is going with them.  Volume decrease though, so it is not a bad sign. I still see DOW will be up for short-term. I set my DBA stop to 26.01, that mean I am breaking even on this trade at the minimum. Things are going to be choppy from here on and I am getting anxious to make some money. Just need to control my emotion a little better, my babies need to eat.

Weekly chart is still very undecisive, so anything can go. I don’t think DOW can rally higher than 10300, and if it break July low (9700ish), then all hell break lose.

I am kind of enjoying this market, up and down. I am just trying to survive here. Let see if I can make it out positive this year. Oh, I am also going to move all my 401K money into bonds as well.