via $INDU – Daily Candlesticks.

DJI go down hard today. A 2.5% drop with volume jump from 872 to 935. It is not a high jump, but it is a jump. So, some smart money is pulling out.  I didn’t post anything yesterday cause I was going to adjust the stock to lock up my profit. But I was too tired last night and went to sleep instead.  So, both of my holding got STOP out today TAN and IDX. I lost 5% on TAN and 3% on IDX. I was freaking out this morning when I saw the drop. I am glad I pull out quick though since it drop further after I pull out. TLT jump another 1.3% that reduced my damage a little. I might want to add some short ETF next week.

Total 100%
Cash 78%
TLT 22%