12 Things We’d Tell Our Bosses if We Could – On Careers (usnews.com).

The above articles taled about as an employee, what you ahoudl tell your boss. Now, honestly, most of us are not comfortable to do that (particularly for those are from eastern culture). So, I advice people who are in the leadership position should ask your employee these qustions. These questions are really probing your empolyee to give you feeback (aim at the article above) Here they are:

1. “Do I give you the tools you need to do a good job?”

2. “Am I taking responsibility of the mistake I made?”

3. “Do I reat you like a cog on a wheel?”

4. “Do you feel that I value your my opinion from time to time?”

5. “Do I give you enough feedback?”

6. “Do I give your enough support?”

7. “Do I give your a good team and resource that you can work with?”

9. “Is the goal and agenda clear?”

10. “Do you feel I am earnest?

11. “Am I  predictable?

12. “Do you feel beeing mentored?”