This is coming from Lab Manager, a magazine I published in before. They always give good insight on making a more efficient lab. This time, they are focusing on LIMS.

“It feels like we’ve been asked to do more with less for a long time. Laboratories are relying on LIMS to improve their efficiency and traceability in their operations and data management. LIMS also are effective at helping laboratories adapt to constant changes, such as technologies, processes, instruments and employees.
June’s line-up will help you make the most of your resources, starting with the Microsoft-STARLIMS Roadshow. This is a free Lab Informatics seminar that discusses innovative approaches that laboratories are using to better manage and utilize their information resources. If LIMS is something you’re currently considering implementing, or you just want to learn more, make sure you register for the event closest to you.
Another way to make the most of your resources is to be value-conscious about your consumables. For those of you looking for a labeling solution that’s resistant to extreme temperatures and all laboratory conditions, CILS computer imprintable labels can be ordered for all your glassware, tubes, caps, etc. They can arrive pre-printed or plain in size, shape & color.
Also, if you’re making a new purchase, it makes sense to factor in the value of having a warranty. This way you to don’t have to account for potentially expensive repairs. The Heidolph LR20 Industrial Evaporator is backed by a 3-year warranty partnership. These evaporators are compact and equipped with safety features designed for optimal operator awareness.
You can view these items as well as the rest of the technologies available in our June line-up below.”