This is a question I got from Linkedin. It was said that Pharma are in love with pushing pen and notepad. Working with some of the scientist, I must say it is somewhat true… Scientists are sometime cannot defocus from science and look at the technology around us.
Here is the best answer:
Here are some quick thoughts:

It seems like Twitter would have some opportunities. Anytime someone mentioned (insert illness) you could reply “ask your doc about (insert pill)”. That takes a huge amount of time, though – and you can’t really automate it.

Facebook Ads are great for getting eyeballs, and with certain meds you can probably target very well.

A corporate blog may improve the all-important “trust factor”. As long as it is relevant, helpful, and has a real PR pro behind it.

I’ve seen a number of Dr’s on LinkedIn – this may be a great channel to reach out through.