Kevin Sharer talked about Leaderships. I like the way Amgen is running. Big company move like a small company in science.
here is what I get out from this article. When he asked what kind of people he look to hire, he mention sense of humor before intelligence etc.
Sharer’s rule of 6

“Rule 6 is, you don’t take yourself too seriously. Rule 5 is, refer to 6. And there is no Rule 1 through 4. I really, really have a hard time getting along with Rule 6 felons. We’re all human and so we’re going to be misdemeanor violators once in a while. But I look for people who are not Rule 6 felons, because they just don’t work out.”

That is pretty funny. I like this guys.

For more quantitative side, he also explain about the role of CEO with a graph (what a geek, but cool). But it is a good map to follow for those who what the heat of CEO. A good article on leadership.