Read this piece from Economists

Those Executives are really out of their minds. Maybe Steve Jobs can help them. Get someone more innovative for heaven sakes!

If all of these big pharma want to save their companies, stop consolidating! This line from the article said it best “bigger firms are no better at innovation, and are often worse”. Here are my suggestions to save pharma industry:
1. Spin off your R&D groups.
a. You can tell R&D they are not productive. If they are, they won’t be heading to the cliff. So make a clean cut here.
2. Hire the financial expert from Wall Street.
a. This move can give them expertise in finance, learning about funding small start-up.
3. Transform them into “start up” bank.
a. Big pharma are good at using their resources to make money. So do just that. Loan money to start up and then profit from them.

Big drugs companies hope consolidation will solve various problems